Fukuoka PrefectureYaME-tea(We), Specializing in delicious tea in Kyushu. Conducts the store sales and mail order sales.
Manufacturer direct, direct from the farmDelicious teaWill be delivered to the Japan whole country.

Company introduction

八女茶本舗樹徳庵The introduction

Miyama city, Fukuoka Prefecture, around mountains and rice we threaten, we are located in idyllic rural town.
Fukuoka Prefecture, YaME-tea, barley tea, healthy tea stocks from Kyushu each producing tea.
Are our range of gifts.
4New tea on March 5, July August summer gifts, 11 other gifts in the winter months of December, matrimonial, according to Buddhist, 快気祝i, 内祝i, etc., available contents will be available.


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