Aging kuradashi tea "seasonal lid every time" is a special tax and shipping!

Hi, this is YaME tea honpo tree tokuan fujiyoshi.

Today is the aging kuradashi tea"Shun the lid every time.It's
The next station is buying bargain together.

Seasonal lid new tea every time, from may of this year,
During the summer months and tea-only low-temperature warehouse stock(Lay)
9This is from late October began selling tea.

Can sleep during the summer months, take fresh tea characteristic greenish
Mellow, sweet strong tea.

Usually autumn(9Late)From the sale by the end of the
I'll be honest and

I too make a little!

So from this year-end holiday season there seems to be
Super bargain makes bulk purchases was.

Is usually 1 bag 648 yen.
4Put together bags buy shippingAnd
Spatsu and feeling good
2,000CircleIn the?!

Even if made too
So incredibly
Inventory is not there because
Gone as soon as you're done!

I'm at the store I,
I would probably disappear in a few days.

Because no matter how convenient.

In why we thank you!
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