YaME-tea honpo tree tokuan, end of year and new year holiday schedule

Hello! YaME-tea honpo tree tokuan fujiyoshi is(*^_^*)
Our Christmas is how did you spend?
The shop owner UchidaI wrote on the blogBut
The world again yesterday in the early stages of 25
From Christmas year end/new year holiday mode
It had switched(Lol)
We will by switching the display since this morning.
Well, Christmas is past,
Finally end in the new year hurriedly makes.
Celebrates the new year and spring cleaning preparing...
But I like the atmosphere of this late ~!
We will be best business 12/29 up!
[End of year holidays industry news]
At the happy holidays end as shown below.
Inconvenience for the inconvenience, but we note that so thank you.
Closed: Saturday 12/30-1/4 (Thu)
◆ in order to 12/28 29 the next day shipping via arrange.
(Depending on the product cannot be shipped to 29 May)
• Order of 12/29 is very grateful that shipment early this year and five days later.