Up to 30 days, in Miyama Station-Road stores from tomorrow

YaME-tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida is.
Finally got today are left this year, 5.
It is somewhat hectic.(*^_^*)

Now, notice.

Tomorrow for 30 days 3 days from 12/28
Near shopMiyama Station RoadOf the OTC
In a new year's day supply special corner
Do the over-the-counter sale of tea.

From the familiar YaME-tea tea cans heaped
A nice little tea for the new year,
Roasted green tea, teapots, tea will be sold.

Miyama Station-Road, yesterday made the new year's corner.
This morning I was crowded with lots of.

From tomorrow for 3 days
Tea will be sold at the road station Miyama.

Please stop by!