And out paths is great-and feeling!

Hello! YaME-tea honpo tree tokuan fujiyoshi is.

Is comparable to that on the photo.

The Sunday before last,
YaME Hoshino village of YaME-tea
"Tea culture House.In,
1-new year's star big fighting tea partyHeld,
What our Uchida received a runner-up.

Go to this President, I even
All the staff did not know who it is, but

But on Saturday, the day before
It was decided hastily to take public(Lol)

Drinking tea fight tea party said, in a word guessing game.

Out cancel some public participation in the
Not from the Palace of culture of tea? It seems to be told it is.

Day played to decide the runner-up and....
The person wanted to win anyway I had(;^ Ω ^)

Hand's claims the tea master, but only the truly I think
In the general public's participation
"Hey no no very popular do you? "
I thought it was just(Lol)