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2017December 12. : 風邪やインフルエンザにかかってる場合じゃない超多忙なあなたへ!
Hi, this is YaME tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida.





2017年12月11日 : To you the gifts of products not yet decided!
Hi, this is YaME tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida.
Please thank you.
What gifts are you ready?
That is our only Miyama city
She conducts free delivery service.
And how busy that we can't come to the shop
And the destination city, but I can not directly from and to.
But shipping it!...
Those who use.
Miyama city brings you free of charge.
Miyama town near better, please contact us.

2017December, 7 pm : Daily coffee break most was stiff time "shaggy" new release!
Hi, this is YaME tea honpo Shuter Iori Uchida.
Thank you very much!
Well, today is the new product information.
Daily tea, one show for roasting bags.
The original tea BREW in a pot is
It is the modern all busy!
◆ about tea daily for customers took the survey.
Nice easy I usually drink tea.(40Young women)
And all the way to yuzamashi and 淹renai.(30Young women)
, Your tea will making it in boiling water.(30Young women)
-Convenient tea bags with a string.(40Young women)
• Bride buy plastic bottles of tea, but I hate it.(50Young women)
And wants to put it in a bottle, but in a small teapot BREW takes effort.(40Young women)
And I usually use tea "quickly and easily in a short time" but asked.
Daily coffee break almost gone stiff try time "shaggy".

Tag(Thong)With 2 g of the triangular tetratype is for roasting green tea bags.
One is for roasting, even large mug comes fully.
35It is two types of pieces and large-capacity 80 pieces.
From this would be very handy to the holidays end.(*´▽`*)

Japan tea shops stick to blend八女茶本舗樹徳庵

Hello.八女茶本舗樹徳庵 Shop owner内田It is. I think or ask.
You realized the tea out deep flavor by blending of different just like coffee and tea, even more delicious.
However, was producing different tea blend tea locality impersonation and said negative image and blend out front is surprisingly low.

 Development of three Kyushu tea blend tea

Determined by the desire to drink tea and both body and soul "and" I want you, make a delicious tea beyond the boundaries of the region and established Kyushu three tea special blend.

Tea blend is profound. It is often without anything good if blend is not doused about each feature, become a boring tea. It is distributing exploit the features of the other tea tea for each of the largest arms show.

We intend to increase well beyond production, but of course from this will handle mainly YaME-tea blend tea. Here you are八女茶本舗樹徳庵Thank you.

If in an online shop to buy delicious tea'd, YaME-tea shop for八女茶本舗樹徳庵Please use.

YaME-tea, YaME-tea of various kinds, including YaME-tea available. Manufacturer direct, so delicious, high-quality tea available for purchase at full price.

Also, Kyushu tea, barley tea, oolong tea, healthy tea, various kinds of tea in store nationwide delivers. YaME-tea at the national tea fair always holding a top the summer / winter gifts and mother's day, father's day, is recommended to the senior citizen's day gifts, and gifts for the important people. In the anime/manga YaME-tea, those seeking八女茶本舗樹徳庵Take a look at.

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