Deep Steamed New Tea Kyushu Blend


How are you doing during the rainy season?

Well, today,
It is a guide of the resale of "Deep steamed new tea Kyushu blend".

In fact, this tea, tea shop Jutokuan head office and Mizuchaya Jutokuan and
It was sold from the middle of May only at the roadside station Miyama direct sales office,
It was all sold out on Saturday and Sunday last week.

But thankfully,
I went to the office of Michi no Eki Miyama, "Aren't you coming in anymore?" There is an inquiry that
In addition, Mizuchaya Jutokuan also said, "Oh, is it gone yet?" "You want to make it now?" 」
I got a lot of voices that,

We have increased production of only 100 bags again.

It seems to sell at an early stage only in the roadside station,
We will also sell it on the net here.

4You can use Kuroneko DM flights up to the bag, so shipping costs are cheap.
Please give it a try.