Ice Hojicha Latte


A new menu of Mizuchaya Kichitokuan has appeared.

Ice Hojicha Latte

Ice hojicha latte 450 yen

Up to now, the latte system

Hot matcha latte 150 yen
Ice Matcha Soirate 450 yen
Tapioca Brown Sugar Matcha Latte M 500 yen
Tapioca Brown Sugar Matcha Latte L 650 yen

It was just.

Tapioca has hojicha milk tea
This is a refreshing drink, not like a latte.


I want an ice hojicha latte!
and because there were a lot of opinions of customers
I was able to add prototypes as a new menu!

Please stop by!

Deep Steamed New Tea Kyushu Blend


How are you doing during the rainy season?

Well, today,
It is a guide of the resale of "Deep steamed new tea Kyushu blend".

In fact, this tea, tea shop Jutokuan head office and Mizuchaya Jutokuan and
It was sold from the middle of May only at the roadside station Miyama direct sales office,
It was all sold out on Saturday and Sunday last week.

But thankfully,
I went to the office of Michi no Eki Miyama, "Aren't you coming in anymore?" There is an inquiry that
In addition, Mizuchaya Jutokuan also said, "Oh, is it gone yet?" "You want to make it now?" 」
I got a lot of voices that,

We have increased production of only 100 bags again.

It seems to sell at an early stage only in the roadside station,
We will also sell it on the net here.

4You can use Kuroneko DM flights up to the bag, so shipping costs are cheap.
Please give it a try.

Green tea bag with water renewed


The corona evil ends little by little, too.
Let's go back to our original life soon!
It is forbidden to be alert.

Well, the season is from spring to early summer.
Of course, we're going to the rainy season, which is not very happy.
From now on, it is green tea that is active in the water.

Tea is basically something that can be served.
Well, how to make water-out tea or poo-poo as another opportunity,

Today is the announcement of the green tea bag with water.

Green tea bag 5g × 16p with the most popular water in our store(¥500 including tax)However, the T
This time, I have a full model change in the new package and the contents amount.

Watered Green Tea Bag 5g x 20p 620 yen(税込)

By the way, 5g × 16p so far is this place

As ever, thank you.

Eighty eight night picking new tea


Next Sunday (May 10) is Mother's Day.
A must see for those who have not decided what to give,
In recent years, the number of people who give it to not only mother but also the person who took care of has increased.
Please look through the person who is not going to give it.

We will show you the new tea of 88 night picking.

Click or tap the image.
I will guide you to the site dedicated to the 88 night picking new tea

Guidance of business during consecutive holidays [Part 2]

5Sunday, March 3

It is a business guide part 2 during the consecutive holidays (There is a change which is sorry)

Yesterday, the new tea shipment work at the head office was unexpectedly progressing,
From the viewpoint of self-imposed control, all employees will be closed today.
The tea shop Kitokuan head office will also be closed in a hurry.

Tomorrow 5/4 will be open normally at both the head office and the store,
5I will take a day off and six days,
Thank you for your understanding.

Shigeru Uchida, Representative Director, Yame Tea Shop Honpo Co., Ltd.

【Online Shop】
We will ship your order until tomorrow (5/4) in the morning. (There is a product which cannot be done, too.
Orders after tomorrow (5/4) will be shipped 5/7
Thank you very much.

Business information during the holidays

It is Uchida of Yame tea industry honpo.

Michi-no-Eki Miyama where our retail store "Mizuchaya Kichian" enters,
From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of covid-19,
5月2日(soil)From May 6(Water)up to five days,
Because it was decided to be temporarily closed through the whole building
We'll let you know here.

Tomorrow, May 1st, is 88th night!
The tea industry is now a new tea!
High-quality new tea is in stock at our factory more and more!
I would like to introduce delicious new tea to customers.
I'm very sorry that this situation is such a situation,
Thank you for your understanding.

It's just!
The "Ochacha de Gentokuan Main Store" attached to our factory
GW will also be open normally. (Closed on 6th only)
3In order to avoid smuggling, please enter the store one by one.

◆The tea ceremony Tree Tokuan main store sells only tea products.
◆ Because there is no soft serve ice cream or tapioca
Thank you very much.
◆ Mail order business is also business as usual!

Would you like to give it to Mother's Day?

Hello. It is Uchida of the tea ceremony Tree Tokuan.

This year's GW
Not Golden Week.
Patience Week? Good luck week?

There is a lot of information about the coronal disaster.
First of all, anyway! Let's properly protect the request of the country here!


I'm going to talk about next month.
5October 10th is Mother's Day.

Would you like to give your mother a thank you for your tea?

In our shop,"Mom Acha"I recommend(´▽`)

I imaged your mother."Mom Acha"Yame Fuka-m usso tea with 100g

I used this year's Yame Shincha."Mom's Tea New Tea Set"80g× 2 types in 2 bags.

* Fly from the image to the page.

It is said that tea catechin is effective against various viruses.
After all, it increases immunity!!!

Why don't you give delicious tea to your favorite mother?

Anyway, let's boost the immunity!

Hi, I'm Uchida of Kitokuan.

Anyway, the new coronavirus, i've become a serious situation.

Anyway, there is no other way but to get over it, but i get sick if I watch tv only every day every day.

Tv stations are actually more sloppy than you think.
In order to earn viewership, the content that stirs up uneasiness is the best. Because it's the audience rating goes up.
I'm afraid that's their job.

If you truly take the uneasy content of the wide show and have an unusually fear of corona, you will be in a negative state at the cellular level.

In short, immunity decreases.

You know what happens when your immune system decreases, right?

So, it's infected.

However, coronavirus originally exists, so if you say something else to infect this, you say, "I caught a cold."

There are a lot of people who have become pneumonia by breaking a cold, and have died unfortunately so far.

If you have a healthy body that doesn't catch a cold, you won't have any extra anxiety!

For that purpose, this ↓ ↓

Hand washing, gargling, Japanese tea

EGCG in green tea(Epigallocatechin Gallate)However, research has shown that it is effective against the new coronavirus.

Anxiety may not go away so easily, but coronavirus does not disappear from the world, so it is the best prevention to make a body that is unbeatable.

Is there anything good about weakening my immune system when I hear how many people are infected every day?

Anyway, let's spend every day cheerfully, happily, positively, wash hands, gargle, drink Japanese tea, and boost my immune system!

Spring waiting tea is selling well!

After spring, i noticed that yesterday was Valentine's Day.

You're steadily heading for spring^_^

"Spring Waiting Tea" which started selling from this month
Thankfully, I have more orders than I expected.(^-^)

Uchida Wastaxi imagined spring
To the mellow mellow tru umauma
I blended and made several kinds of deep steamed tea!

We have already increased production twice this month.

There are also customers who will repeat
Thank you.

It is the dish that I want you to try by all means!

4Yamato DM flights can be used up to the bag,
The postage is also suppressed with a jerk.(Be! ')
"*Yamato DM flights are 167 yen nationwide"

Thank you very much.

[Happy new year]

Happy New Year.
I would like to ask for your continued patronage this year.
Thank you very much.

This Year-end and New Year holidays are related to the calendar
I have a longer vacation than I liked.

YaME-tea honpo co., Ltd.
And Yame Cha Honpo Totokuan
1April 6th starts work, and it is the first sale.

Michi-no-Eki Miyama no Mizuchaya Kichian
1It will be open from May 5.

The head office was re-made at the end of the year.😊