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2021年4月17日 : 2021年新茶のご案内






2021年1月27日 : Left for half a year(^_^;)

Ah,In the mean time, one month is about to pass again this year.

Indeed, since July of last year, we have left the update of this site for six months.

There have been many things in the last six months,
If you look back one by one, it's going to be a very long sentence, so I'll break it www

However, there are some new products out, so I will introduce them after tomorrow!

2020年7月16日 : Ice Hojicha Latte


A new menu of Mizuchaya Kichitokuan has appeared.

Ice Hojicha Latte

Ice hojicha latte 450 yen

Up to now, the latte system

Hot matcha latte 150 yen
Ice Matcha Soirate 450 yen
Tapioca Brown Sugar Matcha Latte M 500 yen
Tapioca Brown Sugar Matcha Latte L 650 yen

It was just.

Tapioca has hojicha milk tea
This is a refreshing drink, not like a latte.


I want an ice hojicha latte!
and because there were a lot of opinions of customers
I was able to add prototypes as a new menu!

Please stop by!

Japanese tea specialty store Yame-cha Honki Tokuan who is particular about blending

Hello. Yame Tea Honpo Kitokuan Is the owner of uchida. Listen to my thoughts.
You realized the tea out deep flavor by blending of different just like coffee and tea, even more delicious.
However, was producing different tea blend tea locality impersonation and said negative image and blend out front is surprisingly low.

 Development of three Kyushu tea blend tea

Determined by the desire to drink tea and both body and soul "and" I want you, make a delicious tea beyond the boundaries of the region and established Kyushu three tea special blend.

Tea blend is profound. It is often without anything good if blend is not doused about each feature, become a boring tea. It is distributing exploit the features of the other tea tea for each of the largest arms show.

We intend to increase well beyond production, but of course from this will handle mainly YaME-tea blend tea. Here you are八女茶本舗樹徳庵Thank you.

If in an online shop to buy delicious tea'd, YaME-tea shop for八女茶本舗樹徳庵Please use.

YaME-tea, YaME-tea of various kinds, including YaME-tea available. Manufacturer direct, so delicious, high-quality tea available for purchase at full price.

Also, Kyushu tea, barley tea, oolong tea, healthy tea, various kinds of tea in store nationwide delivers. YaME-tea at the national tea fair always holding a top the summer / winter gifts and mother's day, father's day, is recommended to the senior citizen's day gifts, and gifts for the important people. In the anime/manga YaME-tea, those seeking八女茶本舗樹徳庵Take a look at.

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