The heart is spring ahead of a moment

I'm Uchida, the owner! It is a post of Hisabisa(;´∀`)

2April 4th isRisshunIt was!
In the calendar, it is spring from this day,
What I actually feel spring is
Is it more than a month away?

By the way, today is a guide of seasonal and limited quantity products.

Its name is "Spring Waiting Tea"

I, Uchida, imagined the enviably climate of spring,
Blended into a mellow and relaxing tea.

Mizuchaya Kitokuan and online shop"Ochadokoro Jitokuan Main Store"
It is sold at "Roadside Station Miyama Direct Sales Office".

Mizuchaya Jitokuan celebrates its 3rd anniversary

Mizuchaya Totokuan on May 21
Celebrated the 3rd anniversary of its opening.㊗
Helped by everyone around me,
And most of all, please visit us.
It is the third anniversary of each customer🍵

In coronal calamity,
I can't do a big event,
From now on, all the staff
I will continue to devote myself without forgetting my first mind.

Next year there will be a lively event
May I do it.✨✨✨

Please give my best regards in the future.

Store when opening

Current store

Yame Shincha picked at night at 88 nights

88 nights approaching summer

The 88th day is called 88 nights in number from The Spring
The new tea that I picked around this time
As a sacrosil medicine for disease-free and longevity
It has been highly weighted.

May 1st was 88th night this year.(´▽`)

We will guide you to the new tea picked at night!

↑Click to go to the information page(^^)

What is shincha in the first place?

Shincha is the first tea. It's the same feeling as new rice or new potatoes.
Oh, new onions are very soft and sweet!
The freshness is different because the leaves are soft and fresh.

Shincha is a "new bud" that sprouted only after winter.
Because the bud part repeats cell division very actively
If you drink it, the human body will also be activated and it will lead to immunity up!
Most of all, you will be healed by the scent of young leaves.(#^^ #)

It's a new tea during the tasting.

Why is it new tea season?
Next time, I will talk about the effect effect of new tea!!!

2021Information on New Tea in 2008

This year we have entered the new tea season.
Mellow Deep Musushi Shincha 50gIt is an introduction.

This is made from Chiran Shincha from Kagoshima Prefecture.

Bright dark green light blue(Suishoku)and
The rich taste is irresistible!
The refreshing texture makes you feel the arrival of early summer.

If you want to enjoy the fragrance, it is slightly hot water (80 to 90 degrees),
If you want to enjoy the taste and sweetness, it is cold hot water to about 70 degrees,
If you want to enjoy both, it is about 70 to 80 degrees.

It is a point to have it delicious to put tea leaves a little more!

Left for half a year(^_^;)

2021January 27, 2010

Ah,In the mean time, one month is about to pass again this year.

Indeed, since July of last year, we have left the update of this site for six months.

There have been many things in the last six months,
If you look back one by one, it's going to be a very long sentence, so I'll break it www

However, there are some new products out, so I will introduce them after tomorrow!

Ice Hojicha Latte


A new menu of Mizuchaya Kichitokuan has appeared.

Ice Hojicha Latte

Ice hojicha latte 450 yen

Up to now, the latte system

Hot matcha latte 150 yen
Ice Matcha Soirate 450 yen
Tapioca Brown Sugar Matcha Latte M 500 yen
Tapioca Brown Sugar Matcha Latte L 650 yen

It was just.

Tapioca has hojicha milk tea
This is a refreshing drink, not like a latte.


I want an ice hojicha latte!
and because there were a lot of opinions of customers
I was able to add prototypes as a new menu!

Please stop by!

Deep Steamed New Tea Kyushu Blend


How are you doing during the rainy season?

Well, today,
It is a guide of the resale of "Deep steamed new tea Kyushu blend".

In fact, this tea, tea shop Jutokuan head office and Mizuchaya Jutokuan and
It was sold from the middle of May only at the roadside station Miyama direct sales office,
It was all sold out on Saturday and Sunday last week.

But thankfully,
I went to the office of Michi no Eki Miyama, "Aren't you coming in anymore?" There is an inquiry that
In addition, Mizuchaya Jutokuan also said, "Oh, is it gone yet?" "You want to make it now?" 」
I got a lot of voices that,

We have increased production of only 100 bags again.

It seems to sell at an early stage only in the roadside station,
We will also sell it on the net here.

4You can use Kuroneko DM flights up to the bag, so shipping costs are cheap.
Please give it a try.

Green tea bag with water renewed


The corona evil ends little by little, too.
Let's go back to our original life soon!
It is forbidden to be alert.

Well, the season is from spring to early summer.
Of course, we're going to the rainy season, which is not very happy.
From now on, it is green tea that is active in the water.

Tea is basically something that can be served.
Well, how to make water-out tea or poo-poo as another opportunity,

Today is the announcement of the green tea bag with water.

Green tea bag 5g × 16p with the most popular water in our store(¥500 including tax)But,
This time, I have a full model change in the new package and the contents amount.

Watered Green Tea Bag 5g x 20p 620 yen(税込)

By the way, 5g × 16p so far is this place

As ever, thank you.

Eighty eight night picking new tea


Next Sunday (May 10) is Mother's Day.
A must see for those who have not decided what to give,
In recent years, the number of people who give it to not only mother but also the person who took care of has increased.
Please look through the person who is not going to give it.

We will show you the new tea of 88 night picking.

Click or tap the image.
I will guide you to the site dedicated to the 88 night picking new tea

Guidance of business during consecutive holidays [Part 2]

5Sunday, March 3

It is a business guide part 2 during the consecutive holidays (There is a change which is sorry)

Yesterday, the new tea shipment work at the head office was unexpectedly progressing,
From the viewpoint of self-imposed control, all employees will be closed today.
The tea shop Kitokuan head office will also be closed in a hurry.

Tomorrow 5/4 will be open normally at both the head office and the store,
5I will take a day off and six days,
Thank you for your understanding.

Shigeru Uchida, Representative Director, Yame Tea Shop Honpo Co., Ltd.

【Online Shop】
We will ship your order until tomorrow (5/4) in the morning. (There is a product which cannot be done, too.
Orders after tomorrow (5/4) will be shipped 5/7
Thank you very much.